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About The Band


Dead Set Florida (DSF) began in 2017 when Christian Walker, born and raised in Upstate New York, decided to continue playing Grateful Dead music live in Tampa Bay. He felt the nudge in his chest telling him to continue doing what he loves so well. After serving for the better part of a decade in Syracuse’s finest Grateful Dead Tribute, Dark Hollow, and after moving away to be closer to family that transplanted to Florida 20 years ago, he followed his heart and searched for like minded individuals to share the passion and dream of performing regularly throughout the Bay Area.

The result is a band that thrives on hard work, has a passion to be better each show, and a band of true musical brothers that continually ‘search for the sound’. Paul Wolff (Apollo Beach, FL) answered the call immediately and has been the band’s lead guitarist since Day 1. He strives to perfect his craft week after week and it shows every time he is on stage. Tucker Waud (St. Petersburg, FL) began with the band on Day 1 as well. He is a true champion on keyboards and continues to push the band to its limits. 

In the short year plus the band has performing, they have secured and performed several standing Grateful Dead nights and continue to drive the train throughout Tampa Bay. As one endearing fan stated, “I can see it, I can tell you guys work so hard at making the music right.” This man is correct, the band works their tail off to bring you an excellent finished product and they will never stop working so hard. A local lead guitar player in another Florida based GD tribute stated, “I’m so impressed with you guys and how much you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.” The band is extremely thankful for love and support from area Grateful Dead bands and reiterate that support by attending their shows and, when invited, sitting in during their sets. DSF is also immensely grateful for the fans who are the lightening to the band’s thunder for without them the music would not be so energized.

The labor of love: Dead Set Florida, a Tampa Bay based band performing music of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, and other favorites, inspired to carry on the legacy of the greatest musical presence of the 20th century. Come dance, spin, and jam away with us at a show near you.

To contact DSF, email deadsetflorida@gmail.com or call (571)232-0659.

Band Members


Paul Wolff, lead guitar

Christian Walker, bass guitar and vocals

Tucker Waud, keyboards

Jack Harris, rhythm/lead guitar and vocals

Kopi Kopenhagen, drums

Dean Geraci, drums and poster design

Fred Stanley, drums

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Tampa Bay, Florida, USA